UV Window Film
Reflective Film for Significant Solar Control

Reflective films drastically improve interior comfort by reducing heat and maintaining clear views of the outside. Its visibly reflective look has an ability to hide clutter and valuables from the street view while giving the building an added structural appeal at the same time.

UV window films also reduce glare that causes harm and discomfort to eyes, contributing towards a more comfortable work environment, higher productivity and greater protection of employees’ eye health.

Achieve Superior Sun Control with UV Window Films

Effectively blocks up to 99% of UV rays that could be harmful to skin and eyes.

Reflective films contribute to a healthier environment by blocking harmful UV rays while still letting the light pass through.

Reduces the effects of fading.

Avoid excessive damage and fading caused by extended exposure to heat, sunlight, and UV rays with reflective films.

Increases the comfort level of your building

UV window films help regulate temperature disparity and tempers the heat and glare to enhance comfort and productivity.

Improves personal safety.

Strengthens the glass and reduces the chance of glass breaking and potential injury from broken glass shards.

One Way Mirror Film | Single Reflective

One way mirror film is a highly reflective window film that looks like a mirror from the outside. This provides a higher level of daytime privacy and gives the building a uniformed exterior look. One way mirror film makes it harder for outsiders to look through the glass while maintaining a clear view for the people on the inside.

Why Choose One Way Mirror Film

Blocks up to 80% of solar heat, providing a cool and comfortable environment for homes and offices.

One way mirror film provides a cool and comfortable environment for commercial spaces.

Contributes to a healthier environment.

Reduces glare to protect your eyes and prevents harm and discomfort to the eyes.

Increases safety.

Holds the glass together in the event of natural calamities such as storms and earthquakes.

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