Safety Film

Genesis Safety film works as a shield to strengthen ordinary or tempered glass, adding extra protection to the glass without affecting its appearance.

Why Safety Film?

Reduce risk and injury

When the glass breaks from an accidental flying object or impact, it holds all the shattered pieces together and attaches them to the film. This is an important safety feature of Safety Film as it greatly reduces injury risks from glass shards.

Increase protection from force entry

Strengthens the glass so that it is not easily broken or damaged. This could deter intruders from breaking in to steal, destroy or cause any kind of bodily harm.

Protects against harmful UV rays

Blocks up to 99% of UV rays that could be harmful to your skin and eyes.

Protects your interior decorations such as fabrics, curtains, furniture, art collections and photos from fading, discoloration or damage caused by extended exposure to sunlight


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