Privacy Window Film In Singapore
Blackout Films engineered to provide superior privacy and protection.

Achieve two-way privacy with our blackout films specifically designed for residential spaces. Unlike other film solutions, blackout films completely darken the room, making it a perfect option for HDB apartments, condominiums and even for luxurious homes whose windows face a busy street.

Blackout film is a completely opaque decorative window film that provides complete privacy by blocking all views and light from both sides of the glass. These window film systems give any environment an exclusive, sophisticated and luxurious look and feel.

Enjoy A Higher Level of Protection with Privacy Window Films

Blocks the view from both sides of the glass

Increases safety and security by mitigating outside threats such as forcible entry and vandalism.

Protects valuables from fading

Block harmful ultraviolet rays and prevent damage to valuable equipment, fabrics and precious objects from strong sunlight.

Reduces energy cost.

Residential blackout films not only provide superior privacy but also help reduce energy cost by keeping the interior’s cooler.

Improves comfort.

Effective in keeping a room dark and cool. It is ideal for an environment that requires total darkness, such as a darkroom, media room, storage rooms, etc.

Our Privacy Window Films in Action

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