Solar Films
A productive environment starts with good insulation.

Solar film is a cost-efficient glass upgrade option that helps reduce excessive solar heat, glare, and harmful UV rays while costing just a fraction of full window replacement. With solar films, you can instantly improve the value and experience without changing the appearance of your workplace.
Our solar films will allow you to enjoy the benefits of natural light while decreasing the building’s energy cost, protecting valuables from fading and most importantly, improving tenant productivity, and satisfaction.

Significantly Reduce Heat and Glare with Solar Films

Provides a high level of daytime privacy without having to close curtains or blinds.

Applying solar films increases exterior privacy by preventing outsiders from seeing into the building while still giving you an open feel.

Effectively blocks 99% of harmful UV rays and up to 80% of solar heat.

Protects your interior decorations such as fabrics, curtains, furniture, art collections, and photos from fading, discoloration, or damage caused by extended exposure to sunlight.

Reduces glare to the eyes and protects your eyes from discomfort.

Solar films allow tenants to work comfortably without the disrupting glare from the sun that often causes visual discomfort.

Strengthens the glass and reduces the chance of glass breaking.

Achieve a high level of protection from accidents by reducing the amount of solar transmitted through the glass.

Our Solar Films in Action

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