DIY Pre-Cut to Size

Our solar film and decorative film are designed to be ‘Do-It-Yourself’, i.e., they are self-adhesive and easy to use.  It will also save you on installation costs. 

However, installing glass films might require some technical skills to avoid air bubbles, creases or scratches. You can always reach out to our inhouse installation team for guidance and assistance. 

You may contact us anytime at Tel: 62519339

Please note that for Pre-cut film orders,

we usually provide an additional 1-2 cm allowance to ensure complete coverage without gap and to avoid uneven size on both sides of the sticker. Therefore, some trimming work is required to ensure beautiful completion of the installation.

When entering the size, the size of one side (either width or height) must be within the width of the original glass film.

Pre-Installation Preparation


  1. Create wetting solution by adding a few drops of mild shampoo with water.
  2. Clean the glass surface with wetting solution.
  3. Cut the film 2cm larger than the dimension of the glass surface.

Installation Steps

Step 1

To separate the transparent backing sheet from the film, tape both sides (front & back) of a corner, pull the tape in opposite direction. To avoid the film from curling up, spray the film's adhesive side with wetting solution as you peel.

Step 2

Spray the wetting solution on the glass surface completely wet with droplets of water. Place the adhesive side of film on the top of the glass surface, adjust the film to the desired position, peel off the remaining liner. Gently smoothen surface by hand to tack the film into its correct position.

Step 3

Smooth out the film with a squeegee from the center to the sides till the film is flat and smooth, with no remaining of bubbles and water.

Step 4

Remove excess film along the edges.

Allow 2 – 3 days for adhesive to set and bond to the glass surface. Do not wash nor disturb during the curing process
(For vehicle: Do not unwind the window).
Some film will look foggy/milky until application solution evaporate.

Maintenance & Care
Normal cleaning with mild window cleaner and soft towel

If you have problem in installation, you may contact us at (65) 6251 9339 for more advise.

Flim Type

Solar Film

BASIC Solar Film effectively insulates you from harmful UV rays and keeps your indoor environment cooler and more comfortable.

Ceramic Film

Keeps an environment cool inside even when it’s hot outside, and provides a cooler and more comfortable home or work environment.

Safety Film

Protects and strengthens ordinary glass with "safety film" to prevent damage and injury caused by fragments of broken glass.

Reflective Film

Reduces glare that causes harm and discomfort to eyes, contributing towards a more comfortable work environment, higher productivity and greater protection of the eye-health of employees.

Decorative Film

Converts your glass windows from ordinary to extraordinary, creating stunning decorative while improving privacy


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