Ceramic Film

Reduces solar heat through windows by 80%. 

Keeps an environment cool inside even when it’s hot outside, and provides a cooler and more comfortable home or work environment. 

Why Ceramic Film?

Genesis Ceramic film

A high-performance film, offers color stability and provides excellent heat insulation up to 90% without reducing transmission of natural light

Ceramic film

Blocks 99% of UV rays that could cause harm to eyes and skin

Protects your interior decorations such as fabrics, curtains, furniture, art collections and photos from fading, discoloration or damage caused by extended exposure to sunlight

It is ‘metal-free’ and does not interfere with network signals

Keeps indoor temperature cool and saves on energy consumption of air-conditioners, especially during the hot summer months.

Prevents glass from accidentally breaking and causing injuries, always ensuring a safe environment.


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