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About Us

Basic Necessities International is a well established and leading distributor of a wide range of window films. Our goal is to provide a highly effective solution for our customers’ decorating needs. For the best window film supplier in Singapore, Basic Necessities International has you covered.

The category of window film products in our incredibly broad inventory includes standard protective films, reflective solar films as well as ceramic IR window films. All of our firm’s products are available in various colours, shades, tints and designs to match any and all types of environments. Additionally, they are highly scratch resistant, ensuring long shelf life and durability (meaning that customers will rarely, if ever, need to replace them).

In addition to our highly vaunted window film products, Basic Necessities International has an extensive line of various decoration stickers for glass surfaces (such as a glass door or a glass window). All of our decorative window stickers are visually eye-catching and can seamlessly blend into the background of any environment.